The practice of call audit is only effective if the items included on the scorecard help the company improve the bottom line; either by reducing call costs or by increasing productivity.

Gestion Tecnologica has developed a series of software tools that help your company to use the data coming out of the PABX Call accounting port to group it and convert it into information which leads the management to make decisions.

In our experience, many companies buy call accounting software in the hope to reduce call costs but end up with very complicated reports which no one can read and understand. Our mission is to convert those reports in useful information.

Through our long term experience we have learned that most companies can use our service to reduce call costs as much as 40%.

At Gestión Tecnológica , our telecommunications specialists offer you a wide range of solutions designed to meet your business needs. If you are interested in improving the telecommunications of your company, Gestion Tecnológica offers you the best products and services that connect you with the present-day world.


PBX any brand or model

Fixed and mobile trunks

VoIP Networks

Reduces call costs and improves efficiency

Equipment or software investment is not required

Carrier bill audit

Benefits of having an audit on your calls

Reduction of call cost

Highlights telephone misuse

Cost allocation by department, individual, branch office