The new Gestión Tecnológica's department of automation has a qualified staff for the design of machinery controllers, resolution of industrial problems, design of mobile applications for automatic control and software programming, among others.

Some of our developed projects:

  • Mechanical ventilation control system

    System designed to control mechanical ventilation devices (fans, extractors, A/C, injectors, etc.) in a local, based on the readings of physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow and others. The system is controlled by the SmartAlert® software that will be responsible for the data probing of all the aforementioned parameters, define work thresholds and send instructions to the automatic control system that will be responsible for managing the functioning of the ventilation devices.

  • Gas flow control system

    System designed for ventilation control and handling of gases, a system controlled by the SmartAlert® software that will be in charge of monitoring the switching on and off of gas mixing chambers, as well as controlling their injection and extraction. It will also show records of the chambers' activities with precise date and time and will provide alerts to e-mails (this function is optional).

  • C328 Board and Expansion Modules

    The main control is based on the ATMega328 chip, whose practical applications can be seen in almost the entire industrial field, from simple irrigation controllers for greenhouses, to the transmission of data with information protocol (HTTP, RS485, RS232, I2C, TCP / IP , etc.)

    The modules of expansion of the plate C328 are made on demand of the client, for whatever application has been requested.

  • Multiple sensor continuous monitoring system

    In order to adapt to real-time monitoring of different signals, a sensor receiver was designed, adaptable to almost any type of application, interconnected to a central for easy and optimal monitoring, with an expansion of more than 2000 sensors, it is an efficient way to give control of plants, buildings and in cases where complete installations are needed.

    Automation, the research department develops controllers and applications for the industry, with the efficiency of automation and process independence, reducing costs and using free hardware with the innovation of expanding even already established facilities.