93% of internet users are on social networks, and every day they search for services online.

Concentrate your chats in one place and attend to your customers more quickly and efficiently in whatsapp and Facebook.

“Smart Media” helps you attend to your customers in a personalized way, improving your performance in social networks.

“Smart Media” is a product of the family “Smart Help”

It is an Omni-channel system of attention and interaction with customers through Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Chat and WhatsApp. In general terms, Smart Media is a system that allows you to listen to your customers in real time, so you can meet their requests in the shortest time and cost possible.


  • Network monitoring
  • Real-time management dashboard
  • Insights, device monitors where clients write
  • Management, direct management module for customer responses
  • Bots for process automation
  • Agent performance measurement
  • Management of waiting time per client
  • Categorizing customers
  • Internal chat tool
  • Case transfering
  • Quick answers
  • Reports designed to measure
  • Sending images, documents, videos, etc.
  • Customizable indicators
  • Queue handling

Application areas

The platform can be implemented in companies of different fields:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Call center
  • Schools
  • Supermarkets
  • Banks, insurers, cooperatives, credit card issuers, credit bureaus, etc.
  • Restaurants
  • Mass product warehouses
  • Security companies
  • Pharmacies
  • Government institutions