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IP Office’s application Voicemail Pro can be used to record calls manually or automatically. It places the records in a user or group’s voice mailbox along with regular voice mails.

Users can manually start the call recording in several ways: settable button, short code, one-X-Portal for IP Office.

Automatic call recording can be set in the IP office’s system and be applied to specific users, search groups, inbound call routes or account codes.

Contact Recorder for IP Office, improves call recording by transferring the records in a separate file from the regular voice mailboxes. These records are out of reach from the voice mailbox maintenance task and have no impact over the required voice mailbox storage space.

Contact Recorder for IP Office saves a data base with details of calls related to each of the record it stores. Through a web browser, users can consult the data bases, and upon the results they can play records.

Benefits of having a call recorder:

It guarantees quality control on customer service

It is a reliable tool to prevent potential fraud

Our solution is management friendly

It provides a high storage and search capacity

Records have grate audio quality