Avaya Solutions

As an Avaya Business Partner, Gestión Tecnológica provides corporate telecommunications solutions, our staff members count on many years’ experience...Read more.

Contact Center

At Gestion Tecnologica, we meet the needs of many companies of having a contact center specialized in customer service, that help them focus their resources towards their core business...Read more


SMART HELP: Is a device that allows making audio or video calls, to provide self-service through an internet connection, phone call or any other available means of telecommunications...Read more

Call recorder

IP Office’s application Voicemail Pro can be used to record calls manually or automatically. It places the records in a user or group’s voice mailbox along with regular voice mails...Read more

Measuring equipment

At Gestión tecnológica, we are representatives of prestigious international brands of measuring equipment for area of telecommunications...Read more

Applications Development

Software and application Development mostly for PABX and backoffice systems integration based on CTI rules, as a way to innovate and unleash more powerful and automated solutions to our clients... Read more

Electronic Security

Our engineers are experienced developing electronic security projects with high-tech solutions, focused on the integration of CCTV systems, intrusion alarm systems, fire alarms...Read more