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Info360 Is a call accounting software for monitoring and reporting telephone call activity. Info 360 can be deployed in any company regardless of their phone system. Our clients include government, industry, retail, professional firms and more.

Info 360 is used to allocate telecom costs to various departments, individuals or cost centers, to pinpoint charges and/or highlight misuse. Regardless of their geographical location up to 10,000 branch offices can be controlled in consolidated or individual reports, resulting in telecom cost reduction and increase of productivity.


Centralized control for as many as 10,000 PABX

No need for user training at branch offices

Telephone expense control

Account codes

Verification of carrier costs

Telephone fraud investigation

Saturation level of your PBX

Human resources time spent in internal calls

Control of personal calls

Cost of telephone calls per user, department, extension or cost center

Report of the longest and more expensive calls