At Gestión Tecnológica, we represent well-known international brands to provide solutions in the telecommunications area in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Central America.

Con toda la experiencia adquirida durante todos estos años, y con la misma dinámica que el mercado de las telecomunicaciones requiere, ponemos todo nuestro conocimiento y tecnología de vanguardia a disposición de operadores de telefonía fija y celular, integradores, proyectistas, sub-contratistas y a todo aquel profesional que necesite resolver sus necesidades de equipos de medición, materiales y soluciones integrales en El Salvador y Centroamérica.

Among our main services are:

Rental of measuring equipment: We rent measuring equipment for the measuring of optical fibers, spectrum analyzing equipment, site master, optical fiber certifying equipment, etc.

Sale of measuring equipment:We provide measuring equipment with manufacturer warranty, as well as strategic and/or complementary materials.

Calibration of measuring equipment: At Gestión Tecnológica, we adjust, update, and provide calibration to telecommunications measuring equipment, such as Fusion Splicer, through our service center in Florida, an alternative to these are our calibration sessions in San Salvador, Guatemala, Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and other Central American cities.Please contact us to know more about our next calibration session..

Training for field engineers and technicians: we have highly professional technical trainings, theoretical and practical courses, fusion splicer technician certified for optical fibers, ideal to upgrade the knowledge of field staff that works on telecommunications in Central America.

Integral projects for telecommunications:Quality assurance solutions OSS, efficient methods that allow the operative improvement of a specific activity, assuring the return of investments, such as FiberWatch in El Salvador, BIRD’s DAS system in Central America, CRFS’s radio electric spectrum monitoring system, etc.

Our Service areas are:

Optic fibers: We distribute fusion splicers, OTDR, power meters, laser sources, fibers identifiers, fiberoptics and optic fiber connectors cleaning kits, among others (brands : AFL, Fujikura, DEVISER, Miller, Ripley, SENKO, etc.).

Transmission:Analyzers to verify and commission TDM transmission equipment from 64 Kbps channels up to 40 Gb and Ethernet from 10 Mb up to 100 Gb (brands : Digital Lightwave, AFL Noyes, Ideal Networks and GL communications).

Wireless: Spectrum analyzers, monitoring antennas and cable & antenna testers for coverage verification of point to point PTP microwaves and point to multipoint PMP systems such as VHF, UHF, Tetra, Cellular, PCS, LTE and WiMax. (Brands: Bird Technologies, SAF Tehnika and AH Systems) ((Bird brand Products’ Presentation).).

Television and radio Broadcast: We are distributors of Bird Technologies which is recognized in the Radio and Television industry as a manufacturer of Dummy Loads, Wattmeters & various elements for this industry. Recently the product portfolio has focused on solutions for the emerging markets of Digital TV and Radio.

Monitoring system of the radio electric spectrum: We represent CRFS, a UK Company, which specializes in the monitoring the frequency of the radio electric spectrum, using RFeye, Best-in-class hardware and software solution for distributed real-time spectrum monitoring and data analytics.

Products for the CATV or cable television industry:We have digital and analog meters for the CATV network, Trilithic brand field measuring equipment, spectrum analyzers; forward & reverse, tools to work with optic fibers in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Central America, power sources, batteries for HFC network, jumper HDMI, RG6 connectors, band-pass filters, etc.

Measuring equipment for industrial and residential areas and building interiors: We have special equipment for the industrial area, such as light meters, sound level meters and WIFI signal measuring equipment. All our solutions are made up of portable, lightweight and user friendly equipment.

We have branch offices in San Salvador, El Salvador, Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula Honduras.