About our company

Gestión Tecnológica was established on 2006 by a group of technology experts with the aim to provide business solutions to the information and communications technology (ICT) market.

We serve our clients with high tech solutions as a result of fully understanding their needs and, the needs of their own clients

Purpose: Create innovative technology solutions that improve the lives of people and businesses in Central America and the world.

Core Values

Honesty:We work in a transparency environment as the best way to build strong long term relationship with our clients.

Commitment:We focus our efforts to meet and exceed our customers’ needs in every project.

Excellence:We not only sell equipment, we provide solutions in which we add value to the products offered.

Teamwork: At Gestión Tecnológica we share ambitions and targets with the full team to get everyone on board with the organization.

How we can help your business?
We are experts in the use of technology-based systems management to help you run your business.
We focus our efforts on solving business problems through the use of technological solutions.
Proven experience and competence in Business Excellence over the last 20+ years especially in ITC implementations for a multitude of vertical markets.
Our clients include small, medium and large companies as well as multinationals. We also have access to a wide community of experts who can support you in many areas related to technology and businesses.