Software and application Development mostly for PABX and backoffice systems integration based on CTI rules, as a way to innovate and unleash more powerful and automated solutions to our clients.

Our very own products suite, named Smart Help, has includes several modules for self-service kiosks, which integrate video call, barcode scanner, two-dimensional barcode scanner, magnetic stripe reader, fingerprint scanner, keyboard, and any other peripheral devices for data input or output and is designed to make services available for the public anywhere and anytime.

Our offer is completed with business intelligence services consisting of phone call records analysis, especially useful to improve efficiency and reduce phone bills costs up to a 40%. We also offer Systems for alert management, designed for companies that provided 24/7 services, so they can keep in touch with their clients without the need a full time call center.

SMS to email converters and vice versa, as well as other industrial equipment control applications, to manage equipment, either in a remote or automated way.