At Gestion Tecnologica we provide integral solutions for unified collaboration, for which we have our strategic ally Polycom.

Polycom is the leading company in field of unified collaboration solutions.

Companies in El Salvador like in many other countries, choose Polycom to obtain solution that allow their geographically scattered staff communicate and cooperate in a more effective and productive way at a distance. Thanks to telepresence of Polycom, the solutions as well as video and voice services, users log in and collaborate from their desks, meeting rooms, classrooms and mobile devices. Organizations from a wide variety of fields in the private sector work with the solutions with Polycom standards in order to:

Obtain a fast return over their investments, while their personnel work as a team face to face easily, wherever they are.

Reduce time, cost and carbon emissions associated derived from the gathering of people in order to solve an issue.

Apply the theory of saving, resources, time and money to the main corporate and organizational challenges.

Polycom offers you a solution package to cover all your videoconference needs, with totally integrated solutions, such as a HDX videoconference system, screens and audio systems to wall mounts set ups, support or desktop systems.

The telework is already a trend and the employers are witnessing the benefits of flexible work, Polycom has the best solutions to cover such kind of needs.

In terms of today’s economy, Polycom is the best corporate choice.

Polycom Solutions Brochure